Current Events

I think that we are finally going to have some cooler days, after the recent heat.  We will certainly welcome these more seasonal temps.  We are now open for the fall season and at this time of the year, we have fresh plant choices that will extend your planters well into the cooler weather that is ahead. Think of it as a seasonal mini make over.  Mums are by the most common fall flower, our beds of Pick Your Own Cut Flowers are showing a lot of color.  A bouquet of home grown blossoms can cheer up any kitchen, whether it is your own or a friends’.  The zinnias, snapdragons, celosia, cosmos and sunflowers are all looking good right now.  Stop out and see what SHADY HILL looks like at this time of the year.  It is certainly different than the spring, but that is the beauty of seasons.

We do ask that you wear a mask while you are inside the greenhouse.  The good thing is that so much of our fall offerings are outside!

You can always reach us by phone and, you can always email either one of us if you have questions.  That information is listed below.


Matt & Joe Heidgen        630-365-5665