Current Events

  If nothing else, the change of seasons reminds us of things we need to get done.  Just like spring cleaning, the fall is a time of organizing, putting away and preparing for the winter.  The rain and the chilly temps are feeling decidedly autumn like right now.  Hopefully, we will get some more timely rains before the ground freezes, so that perennials, bushes and trees go into their dormant season with enough moisture for the winter.

  When we do open for the holiday season on November 16, our main crop is the thousands of poinsettias that we grow right here in our greenhouses.  Our poinsettias are one of our longest term crops, with some of them being planted in July and some in early August.  By the time that we open, they will all be starting to show their gorgeous, holiday colors.  In addition to the poinsettias, we carry a wide range of fresh evergreens for all of your decorating needs.  Whether you use wreaths, garland, evergreen arrangements or loose greens, we have all of those in stock with their wonderful wintery look and fragrance.  We source them both locally and nationally to find the freshest, best quality that we can offer you.

  For the past three years, we have held a pop up market here in our greenhouses and this year, our Artisan Christmas Market will take place on Saturday and Sunday, November 21 and 22.  You will find more information right here and on our social media in the coming weeks about the wonderful local artists and makers that will be set up here among the many poinsettias with their unique, handmade wares.

  One of our most treasured annual events is our Poinsettia Glow and unfortunately, it is not going to happen in 2020, due to the pandemic.  Most years, we light several hundred candles in the greenhouse, as the sun sets.  We invite our friends and customers to come here, enjoy some snacks and beverages and take in this beautiful holiday sight.  The fact that it takes place in the course of a few hours and the main purpose is to gather, visit and eat just makes it not the wisest choice for this year.  We have every hope and intention of having it back for 2021.

  Although we are now closed until November 16, we are here most every day, should you have any questions or need any additional information from us.  Enjoy the rest of the autumn and we will hope to see you in November and December.

Matt & Joe Heidgen