Current Events

The Fourth of July seems to have gotten here in a hurry this year, but then again, not much has been normal about this year.  As like most years, we wind up our season at the end of June. and because of that, we are now closed for the season. Our mums are growing and well on their way to being the same large beauties that our customers have come to expect.  We are also planting and growing other plants that we sell in the fall.  You might find this next statement a little scary, but we will plant our first poinsettias before the middle of July, as well.  In spite of what is occurring, the seasons just keep turning and there is actually some comfort in that.

Although memories of the season are still fresh in our mind, when we look back on the spring of 2020, we have many vivid memories of different circumstances and how often and drastically they changed.  At different points throughout this whole adventure, the future did not look very bright, but we tried our hardest to remain optimistic.  The support that we received from our many loyal customers made that so much easier and we sincerely thank you for that.

Matt & Joe Heidgen