Current Events

  We have now closed for the fall season, here at SHADY HILL.  Every year is a bit different, but this year we sold out of our home grown mums a few days earlier than most years.  Now is a time for us to clean up from the fall and put away all of our outdoor plants and equipment for the upcoming winter. 

  Our poinsettias are all growing and it won’t be long at all until we start to see a hint of color change.  We open for the holiday season on Monday, November 15, so it won’t be long at all.  That first weekend that we are open, November 20 and 21, we will hold our annual Artisan Christmas Market.  This will be the fifth year that we have had local artists and makers set up shop right in the greenhouse, among our home grown poinsettias.  We have reconfigured our layout a bit this year in order to make room for a few more sellers.  You will find some very talented craftsmen and find some truly, one of a kind treasures.

  Not to scare you or anything, but we also begin to plant our first geraniums for spring 2022, in October of this year.  After they grow for a month or two, we begin to take cuttings of them and grow those on for the spring.  So, the seasons continue to turn and change, even inside the greenhouses and we are always looking ahead to the next one.

You can always reach us by phone and, you can always email either one of us if you have questions.  That information is listed below.

Matt & Joe Heidgen        630-365-5665