Current Events

We have finished up the year and are now turning our attention to the spring of 2021.  Our geranium stock plants have been growing since early October and  we are now taking cuttings on those in order to fill our benches for the spring.  It gives us something to set our sights on during the coldest months of the year.  In the weeks ahead, we will begin to receive small, starter plants from other growers across the U.S. as we start planting more and more pots to fill the greenhouse.  By the time that we open on Monday, April 5, the greenhouses will be well on their way to capacity.  I will keep you updated on what is going on throughout the winter through both this website and our social media channels.

When the pandemic began in March, we feared for the future of our business because of how much we depend on what we sell in the spring.  We adjusted, did contactless sales, drive through pick ups and anything possible.  We were bolstered by calls, emails and messages from customers who wanted to know how we were doing and what they could do to help. It was humbling and reaffirming.  We kept our entire staff and we now have plants and plans for spring of 2021.  Thankful and grateful doesn’t seem like enough, but that is what we feel for all of those who have helped us.  And also determined to share that same help and kindness.

As always, we are here at the greenhouse most days through the winter should you have any questions or need any additional information from us.  Bundle up and we will see you in the spring.  Happy 2021 to each one of you.

Matt & Joe Heidgen