Current Events

The heart of the winter weather is upon us now.  This is the time of the year, when we just have to buckle down and get through it.  We are beginning to get more plants in the greenhouse each week, and that always helps with the positive outlook for the spring.  We are at full tilt with taking and sticking geranium cuttings and when you do that, it is only a few short weeks until they are ready to be planted.  In early February, we begin to plant some planters and hanging baskets and as each week passes, we just pick up momentum on the pace of planting.  By the time that we open on Monday, April 5, the greenhouses will be well on their way to capacity.  It won’t be long at all until some of the young plants are photogenic enough that I will be able to share them with you on both this website and our social media channels.

It is hard to imagine that at this point last year, we were barely aware of the corona virus at all and were planning on having a “regular” spring.  Quite obviously, things changed in a drastic way, both on being able to open at all and the way that we were able to open.  Right now, we are well aware that being flexible is going to be our biggest asset going forward, but at the same time, some plans need to be made.  From our standpoint, the spring of 2021 will have much of the same operating procedures as 2020.  The biggest difference is that we will hopefully be able to open earlier than May 1, which was our first day in 2020.  We are aiming for Monday, April 5 as our opening day right now and our plan is to have the same social distancing, limited number of shoppers in the greenhouse and mask requirement.  We will certainly keep you posted of any changes that may happen, because change has become the one constant throughout this whole journey.  We can never thank all of you that supported our business enough for your loyalty and enthusiasm.  It truly made some questionable days and weeks and months far easier to endure.  Just like every year at this time, we can feel an excitement building for the spring months.  Anticipation of new plants, old favorites and opening our doors to customers, who have become our garden friends.

As always, we are here at the greenhouse most days through the winter should you have any questions or need any additional information from us.  Bundle up and we will see you in the spring.  Happy 2021 to each one of you.

Matt & Joe Heidgen