Current Events

Although we are deep in the heart of a northern Illinois winter, there are geraniums growing here in the greenhouses at SHADY HIL.  That just seems right.  They have been growing and putting on some size since being planted in early October.  We have now begun to take cuttings on those plants in order to start more geraniums for the spring of 2022.  We will repeat that process until the final week of February.

The layout of the greenhouse is quite different in the spring, so we are in the process of moving, realigning and levelling of all of the benches in that area of the greenhouse.  As the winter weeks go by, hanging baskets and larger planters will be planted and the planting pace will pick up in mid February.  For us, it is basically a system of planting the largest planters earliest and the smaller pots later, but of course there are some exceptions.  Primary on that list is early to plant flowers such as pansies and violas.  Another exception is most all of our vegetable starts.  They are some of the last things to get planted because they are among the most sensitive to cool temperatures in the spring.  And, no one wants to be wrangling a leggy seedling into the garden.

Just as in the outdoors, this is a bit of a colorless time of the year in the greenhouse.  The geraniums are getting cut so often, they don’t get a chance to bloom.  And, most all of the other plants are simply too young.  But, it really won’t be too long until we start to see at least a small preview of colors for the spring and summer.

The greenhouse will open for the spring season on Monday, April 4, 2022.  Until then, we will post photos of what is going on inside the greenhouses on both Facebook and Instagram.  There is usually someone here at the greenhouse Monday through Friday during daytime hours if you have questions or need any other information.  And, I have included both of our email addresses below, also.  Enjoy the quiet of the winter months and we will look forward to seeing you again in the spring.

Matt & Joe Heidgen        630-365-5665