This is a collection that includes some FANCY LEAF, some SCENTED,as well some STELLAR and a TULIP FLOWERED GERANIUM variety. It will give gardeners a small sampling of several types of unique geranium varieties.

PEPPERMINT STAR STELLAR GERANIUMS are identified by their notched leaves and star shaped flowers, this particular variety has bi-colored pink flowers that are darker at the edges and white toward the centers and it also has chartreuse green foliage.

This variety has the same notched leaves that are common to STELLAR varieties and they are a medium green color and they make a wonderful background for the pure white, snowflake like flowers.

This is a TULIP FLOWERED GERANIUM and each one of the little florets that make up the blossom are shaped like a small, cupped tulip. It is sometimes also called a Rosebud Geranium, but whatever the name, the uniquely shaped, salmon pink flowers are always an eye catcher. It is a vigorous grower that has dark green foliage with crinkled edges and a glossy finish.

One of the most popular scented varieties because the scent is so easy to identify. This variety also works great for making a topiary standard, because it is quite a vertical grower and the small leaves will make a dense clump.

This is a deep green leaved variety with an even darker zonation on each leaf and has a salmon pink, single, lacy flower that has a somewhat European look. It is a vigorously upright plant.

One of the oldest and the most requested varieties because it has been around so very long. It has grey green, soft textured foliage, which is finely cut and it is a fairly vigorous grower.

Pine has small, green grey leaves and a cascading habit that works well in hanging baskets, window boxes or planters. It also has prolific small white flowers.

This variety has clear chartreuse green leaves and a single, bright violet magenta flower that is a wonderful contrast against the backdrop of the leaves. It is a free branching, bushy variety.

This variety has silver grey leaves, that are edged in white, and a single, salmon pink flower, similar to GROSSERSORTEN. It is a vigorously horizontal branching plant that is a very prolific bloomer.

This variety is one of the most widely known of the FANCY LEAF varieties, because it is such a good performer. It has silvery green leaves and each one is bordered in bright white. The double flowers are scarlet red and quite a good bloomer.