The days of December are winding down and they have not been nearly as snowy as last year. The ground is frozen, but a little layer of protective snow would not be such a bad thing. Thankfully, the days are already getting longer and soon enough, we will be ready to throw that blanket of winter back and get ready to welcome spring.

 Every year, quite a few gardeners find their way to our greenhouses in late March or early April, with a case of spring fever. This year, we will open for the season on Monday, March 23, 2015. The first couple weeks that we are open are a great time to wander the greenhouses, make some notes and take a look at what is new for the upcoming year. By the middle to end of April, everything is coming into full color and the greenhouses are filled to just about bursting. It is next to impossible to not get excited about what you are going to plant in your yard and or containers at that time of the year!

 Last year, our Early Bird Planting Workshops continued to gain popularity and we will be holding those again, starting in late March. These workshops are a great time for Shady Hill customers to bring their own pots, or purchase some from us and get them planted in the greenhouse, during the winter. We grow and care for the planters in the greenhouses until they can go outside sometime in May. You can sign up for our e-mail list, in order to receive a listing of these and other upcoming events. The schedule for those will be on here by the end of January.

 Please also watch this site for a listing of some of the new plants that we are growing for the spring of 2015. We will have larger quantities of the more popular plants that were new last year and grew well for us and our staff here at Shady Hill. We always appreciate your input on what was great or which was really kind of a dog for you and we are often amazed at the range of responses.

 Stop out and see us sometime after March 23 and see what we have been growing all winter.

If you have any questions or need any information about anything going on at Shady Hill, please call us at 630-365-5665 or e-mail Joe at or Matt at .