The warmer temperatures are beginning to be more plentiful and the longer days are a sure sign of the change of seasons. This year marks the 40th spring season for Shady Hill Gardens. Our father Chuck started those many years ago and we carry on the Shady Hill tradition. We have to say thank you to all of our customers over the years and look forward to seeing so many familiar faces again this year. Hard to believe that it started in 1974, but the calendar does not lie.

Once again this year, we are offering gardeners a chance to get a jump on spring by planting hanging baskets or planters for the spring. Best of all, after you plant them, leave them with us to grow in the greenhouses until it is warm enough to enjoy them outside. We have already begun our collection of pots to care for and expect that it will grow in numbers in the next few weeks. It usually does.

You are welcome to bring your own containers and we will have some available for sale on the day of the class. There is no charge for the class itself, but just for the plants that you will be selecting to put in your pots.

We will grow and care for your planters until you pick them up sometime in May. We also have an assortment of empty planters and hanging baskets available for you to purchase and plant

Early Bird Planting
We fill your pots with fresh, nutrient rich soil and you choose potted, growing plants from the greenhouse to fill your containers. You are charged for the plants that you pick out and plant, as well as a Growing Fee. This fee covers the care and maintenance of your pots while they grow in the greenhouse, as well as the addition of some time release fertilizer and the soil to fill the pot. This is the fee:

Containers 12” across and less: $7.00 each
Containers over 12”and under 17” across: $9.00 each
Containers 17” across and over: $.75 per inch

We will care for your planters in the greenhouse until it is warm enough to move your containers outside. This is typically mid May in our area.

We will give you some basic ideas and instructions if you would like or we can just let you wander the greenhouse to choose the plants that you want and get your hands in the soil.

Stop out sometime and see what we have been growing over the winter!

SHADY HILL GARDENS 1974-2014, Forty bloomin’ years!