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  Each year, Shady Hill closes for the season on the Fourth of July and this year is no different. We will open again on Monday, August 17, with our famous mums, as well as a number of other fall offerings. We spend the next few weeks growing the mums that we planted in June as well as planting and growing all of our poinsettias for the holidays. We are always here to answer any garden questions you may, so donít hesitate to give us a call.

  The summer is a great time to simply enjoy the things you have planted earlier in the season, as well as a chance to look around and contemplate changes or additions to your garden for the future. Any time after about August 20 can be ideal for dividing and or moving perennials in the garden. If you have a neighbor or friend that has a plant that you have been eyeing, make them an offer of something you have and see if you can work out a trade. Once you get a plant from someone else, you will always remember them when you see it or trim it or water it. Itís a great way to build up your own garden and the cost isnít bad either.

   If you have any questions or need any information about anything going on at Shady Hill, please call us at 630-365-5665 or e-mail Joe at jheidgen@sbcglobal.net or Matt at mheidgen@sbcglobal.net .