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  Shady Hill Gardens in Elburn is now open for the fall season. Hopefully the recent hot temperatures will begin to retreat and it will actually begin to feel like autumn. At this time of the year, we have a wide range of colors of our famous fall mums. You will also find pansies, flowering cabbage and kale, dianthus, marigolds and other blooming and foliage plants for autumn containers. All of the plants that we grow now are selected with cool weather performance in mind. They can replace or enhance your summer containers and last late into the fall season.

  You will find at least one new addition to the fall at Shady Hill with our Do It Yourself Fall Planter. Mums are most certainly the most common fall flower, but as gardeners become more experienced at container gardening, the demand for ingredients to use it those grows. We now grow and offer an assortment of cool weather loving plants that will take a frost or two and bloom right up until Halloween. Sometimes even longer, depending on the specific temperatures. The plants include pansies, dianthus, alyssum, grasses, Million Bells, kale, marigolds, chard, heuchera and several more. Anyway, our Do It Yourself Fall Planter could not be easier. Just three easy steps.

  1. Choose a pot from the assorted styles that we offer.
  2. Select 5 plants that we grow in 4.5” round pots.
  3. Plant your selections in the pot, that we fill with fresh soil.

  That’s it. You are all done. All of this is for the flat rate of 30.00! Drop by whenever it is convenient for you. Bring a friend and do it together. Give it a try this year and we think that you will like it.

  We again have our “Pick Your Own Cut Flowers” which seem to become more popular each year. It is an idea that we originally saw in the Northwest, but had not seen in this area. You can expect to find Sunflowers, Zinnias, Celosia and Snapdragons growing in our beds. Customers often remark that they love the freshness of cutting the flowers and taking them home, as well as being able to pick and choose in our garden, instead of their own!

  Fall is also a great time to plant perennials, as well as bushes and shrubs. You get a jump on next season and the plants do not have to deal with the heat of the summer. We have a selection of perennials that are on sale, so stop out sometime soon and see what we have to fill up any spots in your garden.

  After the fall season is over, we take a short break to get all of our Christmas decorations and items together to open on Monday, November 16. For the Christmas season, the star of the show is our gorgeous poinsettia plants, but you will also find fresh wreaths, roping and greens. In fact, you will see quite a few green poinsettias if you stop out to Elburn this fall and see what we have growing.

  If you have any questions or need any information about anything going on at Shady Hill, please call us at 630-365-5665 or e-mail Joe at jheidgen@sbcglobal.net or Matt at mheidgen@sbcglobal.net .