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  The weather pendulum continues to swing at this time of the year, but warmer and sunnier days are surely on their way. Spring arrives each and every year, and we are impatient for it to get here every year, as well.

  You can still bring your pots to the greenhouse and plant them and leave them here to grow inside until it is time for them to go out. You will definitely end up with the correct number of plants and we will even sweep up when you are done. Here’s how it works.

Container Planting

  We fill your pots with fresh, nutrient rich soil and you choose potted, growing plants from the greenhouse to fill your containers. You are charged for the plants that you pick out and plant, as well as a charge for the soil. This is the fee:

Containers 12" across and less: $7.00 each
Containers over 12" and under 17" across: $9.00 each
Containers 17" across and over: $.75 per inch

  We will give you some basic ideas and instructions if you would like or we can just let you wander the greenhouse to choose the plants that you want and get your hands in the soil. We’re happy to help you put them in your car when you finish.

Our current hours are:

Monday through Saturday, 9 am until 5pm
Sunday, 11 am until 4 pm

Beginning Monday, April 27, our hours will be:
Monday through Friday, 9 am until 7 pm
Saturday, 9 am until 5 pm
Sunday, 11 am until 4 pm

Wednesday and Thursday Specials

  We have two, ongoing specials throughout the season. The first is our Weekly Wednesday Special that is back again this year. This is a special for each Wednesday only and it changes from week to week. It will be good all day on each Wednesday and we will post the item and price here each week. For Wednesday, April 29, our special will be on 4.5” pots of our famous geraniums. There are many different colors to choose from and these reliable performers are a summer staple for planters.
Regularly 6.99 each, they will be 4.99 each for this Weekly Wednesday Special. This sale is only for Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

  The second is our Thursday Perennial Day where all of our one gallon pots of perennial plants are 20% off for the day. These are the plants that come back year after year in your garden and may not have as long a blooming period as annuals, but the trade off is that they return each spring.

  If you have any questions or need any information about anything going on at Shady Hill, please call us at 630-365-5665 or e-mail Joe at jheidgen@sbcglobal.net or Matt at mheidgen@sbcglobal.net .