Current Events

   The weekend that we just had was really spectacular, as far as weather is concerned.  Warm, sunny days and cool nights just can’t be beat.  The lawns are so green, as well as the gardens, and all the trees are beginning leaf out.  It is a glorious and optimistic time of the year.  If only the weeds were not so prolific, everything would be a lot better.

20160502_103908 (2)    Our rule of thumb for leaving plants outside is when the night time temperature is consistently at or above 50 degrees at night and for 2016, we can FINALLY say that we are there.   No more shuttling plants around or covering them up.  It is always a good feeling when we reach this point in the season.

  We grow our plants in successive plantings, so that we continue to have fresh items throughout the season and we continually restock our benches with these plants.  This keeps new, home grown plants available for you to plant and enjoy all summer long  As always, if there is something that you are looking for that you do not see or something that you do see that you are not familiar with, let us know and we can check on it for you.20160518_120003 (2)


Weekly Wednesday Special

  During the spring season we have a Weekly Wednesday Special where we put one item on sale for the day.  The name of the sale really says it all.  It is once a week, it is only on Wednesday and there is a special price.  This week on Wednesday, May 25, we are going to go all Alex Trebeck with our new idea for a sale called the ENDS WITH AN ‘A’ FOR 4.99 Sale.  Here is how it will work.  The sale will be on any plant that we grow in a 4.5″ pot that ends with the letter ‘A’.  We quickly came up with begonia, petunia, lantana, torenia, verbena, calibrachoa and euphorbia.  Our guideline is going to be if it says a name that ends in ‘a’ on the tag in the pot or on the sign.  These plants are usually 6.99 and on Wednesday, May 25 only, they will be 4.99.

  Another special that we run throughout the season is Perennial Thursday.  On each and every Thursday, all of the perennials that we grow in 1 gallon pots are 20% off.  It’s a great way to save some money and fill in a spot or two in your garden.

Stop out sometime soon and see what we have been growing over the winter!


20160513_121554 (2)