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 20180513_065421 (2) This weather is a little more like it after the heat.  With the rain, you will probably not be doing a lot of watering of your pots, like when it was so warm.  It is always important to keep them watered, but make sure you are not overdoing it.  This can also be a great time to give your planters a shot of some water soluble fertilizer.  If you think about it like every time you water you are ‘rinsing’ minerals and nutrients out of the soil, then it just makes sense to add some back in.  We recommend a fertilizer that is balanced (three equal numbers, 10-10-10 or 20-20-20) and most importantly, follow the directions.  You would rather err on the side of too weak than too strong.  One final word about fertilizing, don’t do it when the planter is too dry.  If it is really dry, water it lightly with clear water, wait an hour or two and then fertilize.  You planters will thank you with growth and flowers!

  Planting season continues and while many gardeners might be nearing the finish, some of us get a little bit of a later start and that is just fine.  The greenhouses are not as full as they were 5 or 6 weeks ago, but we still have plenty of fresh, colorful plants to fill your planters or to plant right in the garden.  You can even find planters and pots that are already made up for you.  We continue to grow successive plantings to make sure that there are still choices for you whenever you get around to your planting.

  One thing that we do at this time of the year is our Weekly Wednesday Special.  The name really sums it up.  It happens 20180515_100722 (2)every Wednesday and we put one item on sale at a special price.  Right here in this spot is where we post the current sale for the week.  We update it on the preceding Monday, by noon.

  Finally, we have one other item of interest in the spring and that is our Perennial Thursdays.  On each Thursday, all of our 1 gallon perennials are 20% off.  If you have a spot in your garden that could use a little more color, height, filler or something else, Thursday are a chance to get something that will return each year at a reduced price.

  If you have any gardening questions, we are always happy to answer those.  We hope to see you in the greenhouse sometime in the next few weeks.

Matt & Joe Heidgen

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