Current Events

  We are now open for the fall season and have so many great looking plants that match the cooler temps and changing season.  SHADY HILL mums have become well known for their large, round shape and beautiful autumn colors.  Those are out now and we will continue to have more as the season marches on.  The mums have buds, but are showing very little color right now, which is quite typical for this time of the year.  In addition to mums, we have an assortment of cool weather loving plants that can perk up and revive your summer planters.  There is no need to take everything out of them, but any plants that look a little tired or have slowed down blooming can easily be replaced to go right through the fall season.  You will find alyssum, cabbage, grass, million bells, marigolds, ornamental peppers, pansies and more.

  The other crop that we have growing at this time of the year is our collection of poinsettias.  We grow several thousand of them right here and have done the same since 1974.  Poinsettias are more of a long term crop for us and many of them have been here since early July.  It won’t be long at all before they slowly begin changing colors for the holidays.

Fall is such a nice time of the year to take stock of some of your plantings.  It is easy to see right now what did well this season and what didn’t quite make the grade.  You can easily move some plants around or add to what you have already.  We always recommend getting any perennials moved or planted by mid to late September.  That will give them enough time to take hold and develop some roots before the winter.  We have an assortment of both sun and shade lovers and they are at a special price for the fall.

  Stop out and see us some time during the fall season and take a look at how different the greenhouses look, compared to our spring season.  And, just in case you didn’t know, they will completely change appearance again for the Christmas season.

  Give us a call or drop us a line if you have any questions or need any additional information.

  See you soon.

  Matt & Joe Heidgen


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