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2017-03-19 22.43.48  In past years, there have certainly been both warm springs and cool springs and most will have a little back and forth with the temperatures.  But, this year is truly unique with the giant temperature swings we have been having.  At least it finally looks like it is all right to put annuals out for the season.  Our recommendation is always to wait until we are having 50 degrees at night consistently and we have reached that point.

  If you are planting your pots at home, we would like to give you 2 pieces of advice.  Number one is to not over plant your pots.  It is certainly a temptation, but leave them at least a little room to grow in your containers.  Number two is to not over water at the beginning of the season.  You definitely want to water them in well after you plant, but then go a little sparingly.  The days are shorter and the sun is not as strong as it will be later in the season.  In addition, your planter is not filled with as many roots as it will be when the plants get larger.  Once we get to summer, when the heat kicks in, it will be hard to over water, but early on, you won’t need to water anywhere near as much.

   You can still bring containers here to the greenhouse and plant them and then take them home with you.  We charge you for the plants that you choose, as well as a fee for fresh, nutrient rich soil to fill up your pots.  We will give you some guidance on how many plants you need in addition to a few suggestions that might fit your tastes.  This is the fee for the soil:

 Containers 12” across and less:  $4.00 each

 Containers over 12”and under 17” across:  $5.00 each

 Containers 17” across and over:  $.40 per inch

  Planting here at the greenhouse means you will have the exact right number of plants for each planter.  Not too many and not too few.  And we will even sweep up when you are finished!


  Another thing that happens at SHADY HILL at this time of the year are our Weekly Wednesday Specials. The name of the sale really says it all.  It is once a week, only on Wednesday and we feature a different item at a special price.  This week, on Wednesday, May 31, the special price will be on any plant that we grow in a 4.5″ pot.  This includes a wide range of some great summer plants like coleus, geraniums, verbena, begonias, salvia, million bells, daisies, petunias and so many more.  These plants are usually 6.99 each, but on Wednesday, May 31 only, they will be 4.99 each.20170522_073032-1 (2)

  If you are looking to add some perennials to your garden, you might want to think about shopping at Shady Hill on a Thursday.  Each and every Thursday is Perennial Thursday, where all of our 1 gallon perennial plants are 20% off for the whole day.

  Now that we are open for the spring, we are here to answer any of your gardening questions.  We will also post updates both here and on our Facebook page to keep you informed on how things are doing in the greenhouse.  It is great to see all of our gardening friends return to the greenhouse each year.  The stream of them has begun and will continue to grow as it gets warmer outside.  We certainly appreciate your business.

  Thanks again and we will see you in the spring.

  Matt and Joe Heidgen

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