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20150815_080710 (2)The summer has turned out to be a warm one and although we had a lot of rain early on, now things are drying out.  We always say that a combination of the extremes is what makes the average and this year is a fine example of that.  Gardeners do love to talk about weather, but you get what you get and you learn to adapt.  Annuals and many perennials are at their absolute largest, so a little water during a dry spell can be great for your perennials.  And a little shot of fertilizer for your annuals will go a long way at this time of the year too.   

Nature is all about seasons, so it follows that a nature based business will have seasons, as well.  20180603_104731 (2)We take a few weeks off in the summer, but we are now open again for the fall season.  We have mums, as well as a number of different annuals and perennials to use in your autumn planters.  These are all plants that thrive in some cooler temperatures and will give you colors and textures that last well past the first frost.  We also have the very freshest flowers in our Pick Your Own Cut Flower beds.  Come pick a bouquet that is all your own creation.

It won’t be long until we will start planting geranium stock plants for the spring of 2019 and our greenhouses are fairly full of green poinsettias right now.  So, it is true that the seasons never stop turning.

  If you have any gardening questions, we are always happy to answer those.  Additionally, we are always interested in hearing about things that grew well for you or plants that didn’t quite cut it.  We continually add and drop plants in order to give the largest number of home gardeners the most success.  Hope to see you sometime soon.

Matt & Joe Heidgen


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