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The seasons continue to turn and we are now closed for the holiday season.  January is a time of propagation for us as we 20150112_101635 (3)gear up and begin cranking out geranium cuttings.  By the beginning of February, we are starting many different annuals that will begin to go into larger mixed planters at the end of the month.  Once March arrives, Shady Hill is hive of activity, as we get ready for the spring season in general and our opening day on Monday, March 18.  The spring of 2019 will mark our 20th year in Elburn.  It’s hard to believe, but 1999 was our first year out here.  Our parents, Chuck and Mary Ellen started Shady Hill at our greenhouse in Batavia in 1974.  And, from 1999 through 2007, both greenhouses were open each spring and each Christmas.  Time continues to march on and we still get excited for the spring season every year.  Here at Shady Hill, we are always looking to strike the balance between some of the new plants that are available, as well as growing the tried and true plants that our customers have come to love.  The catch is, and there is always a catch, for every new thing that we grow, we have to reduce the quantity of something else we grow.  We still have the same number of greenhouses.  And mind you, they will be packed to the gills, but there is only so much room.  I always hate that part.

2017-03-17 17.13.04Before you know it, the pansies will begin to bloom and it will be time to head back out to the garden.  In the meantime, enjoy the quiet and thoughtful moments that winter in the Midwest can bring.  I am not always one for New Year’s resolutions, but in 2019 I am going to consciously try to avoid looking ahead or backward too much.  I am going to look around and soak up and enjoy exactly where I am at and what I am doing.  That sounds good right now, anyway.

Although we are closed, there is someone here at the greenhouse most weekdays, should you need to get a hold us.  We are happy to answer any of your questions.  And, as always, we certainly appreciate all of our friends and loyal customers.

Matt & Joe Heidgen


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