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   An average is nothing more than a combination of all of the extremes, so it figures that there is always going to be 20170913_170623 (2)some up and down in the temperatures each season.  At the end of August, we were getting some cooler temperatures, so now that we are in mid September, we are getting some more August like days.  It will all even out in the long run.  Any warm weather we get at this point, is probably not going to last too long, unfortunately.  The days are getting shorter and the evenings a little cooler, so that means fall is on its way.  The dry weather has even caused some of the leaves to yellow and begin dropping.  It happens every year and every year it seems like it is earlier.  

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  Here at Shady Hill, our mums have been growing all summer long and are now showing all of their fall colors.  We also have a nice selection of cool weather loving annuals that will fill in or perk up any of your planters. Go ahead and keep the summer plants that are doing well and just remove some of the tired looking ones.  Replace them with a pansy or cabbage or grass or mum and you will be all set for the rest of the autumn season.

  We also have a greenhouse full of green poinsettias, which is just a reminder of the next season that will be here soon enough.  We are always ready to answer any of your gardening questions or give you any type of help you may need.  Hopefully, we will see you sometime this fall season.

  As always, thank you for your business.  We really do appreciate it. 

  Matt and Joe Heidgen

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