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20181110_122154 (2)That sure was some kind of snow storm.  It definitely feels like mid January even though it is just after Thanksgiving.  As we often say with the weather, you get what you get.  So, we have learned to make the best of it, since it is not going to change.  Unfortunately, I think that there is going to be some long term tree damage from all of the snow and ice.  I know that there is in my own garden.  Poinsettias and fresh evergreens are our main focus right now, but the geranium stock plants are growing and getting ready to produce thousands of cuttings in the next several months.

The greenhouses are filled with lush green poinsettias that are showing their beautiful 20171114_081935 (2)colors.  We are now open for the 2018 season, which is our 44th year of growing poinsettias at Shady Hill.  It is still a beautiful sight each and every year as the poinsettias gradually change and show their festive colors.  There are some new and different colors every year, but red still remains king.  The other thing that signals the Christmas time of year are all of our fresh evergreens.  You will find porch pot arrangements, bundles of fresh greens, wreaths, swags and roping.  We search out the vendors who sell fresh greens so that they will look great for the entire season.

We are always here to answer any of your gardening questions, even at less than typical gardening times of year.  It won’t be long before the days are getting longer and we are beginning to talk about warmer weather.  Stop in and see us sometime.

Matt & Joe Heidgen



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