Current Events

  Each year, after the holidays, Shady Hill closes to get things growing and started for the upcoming spring season.  In 2017, we will open again on Monday, March 20.  This gives us time to reconfigure the benches in the greenhouse, as well as get our spring and summer plants going.  We have been propagating geranium cuttings since early November and will now really step up the pace in January and February.IMG_0849

  There is someone here at the greenhouse on weekdays during the winter, if you need to get in touch with us.  We will also post some updates both here and on our Facebook page to keep you informed on how things are doing in the greenhouse.  When spring rolls around, we will look forward to seeing all of you again as the greenhouse bursts into color.

  Thanks again and we will see you in the spring.

  Matt and Joe Heidgen